online counselling service


Therapy is evolving ... walk with me into the future of counselling. As we embrace more and more technology into our lives, the world of mental health must step forward, without compromising the quality of care and the sacredness of the relationship built between client and therapist. Your Walk Counselling is an online therapy practice aimed at blending the traditional with the modern.  



A whole host of mediums available for delivering high quality flexible therapy at a range of cost to suit your budget. Therapy can be conducted via the exchange of emails, over the telephone, using a live chat programme or via video. This saves you on travel time and enables us to work as flexibly as possible, with evening and weekend appointments available instantly.  


Online therapy can be used to address a whole host of barriers to a whole and fulfilled life. Depression, Anxiety, Loss, Grief, Adjustment problems, Addictive behaviours and Adolescent issues can be successfully navigated using modern technology. Your Walk offers traditional counselling and a mentoring service for those facing challenges in the academic world.